Although a former student profile section was on the books it was not until I received an email of Chris Jackson - 79/84 (now Chris Keller-Jackson) that I was inspired enough to create it.
We want to show that although, as some say, we were Grammar School Failures and were indeed in a non academic track, a lot of students took up the challenge and true to the old saying in Winton, made something of themselves. Please remember that success is measured in many ways so don't put off submitting your challenges and success', your fond memories or indeed your proud accomplishments. Yea! and be proud. There's nothing wrong with that. If you won't blow your own trumpet then I'll do it for ya! :)
Sat here I hear all kinds of Wintonian success' and wish now that I had saved all that email however for those who have already done so, please re submit your story and I will include it on this page.
Personally I feel that the teachers need a lot of credit for our success' along with the Old School Values knocked into us one way or the other. We carry these values throughout our lives and maybe we are the lucky ones having attended this school.  Enjoy!

Adams, Charles Grimshaw, W.S    

Barber, Fred  47/50 Cliff, Michael  45/47 Griffiths, William  58/61 Hearn, Gilly  41/44
Hobbs, Ronald  47/50 Hoar, Steve  80/85 Hoy, Raymond  41/44 Jackson, Chris  79/84
Mills, Ernest  53/57 O'Donnell, Bill  53/57 Shuker, John  53/57  

Brookhouse, Julie (Haime) Bath, Barbara (Elford) Carroll, Suzy (Moore) Eachus, Doris (Green)
Layne, Margaret (Heywood) Platt, Lynne (Heywood) Wilson, Vera (Arkwright)