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Fred Barber - Winton Senior School 1947-50

I left school, Easter 1950 with no qualifications and little prospects. I had six jobs in rapid succession from working in Monton Mill (cotton mill) to working at the Co-op Butchers.
On my sixteenth birthday, I joined the army as a Boy soldier. I stayed in the army over 27 years and was promoted through the ranks to Major. I served in Japan, Korea, Malaya, Singapore and Germany.
The photo at the right; Capt F.J. Barber serving in Germany 1970.

I met Winton boys worldwide. The names that come to mind:
  • Harold Barker - serving in the RASC (Royal Army Service Corp). We met in Korea.
  • Jack Crompton - serving in the RAF (Royal Air Force). We met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya. Now deceased.
  • John Bolton - serving in the Royal Marines on HMS Belfast and HMS Bulwark. We met twice in Singapore.
  • Bill Guinane - serving in the REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers). We met in Singapore.
  • Les Bourne - serving in the RE (Royal Engineers). We met in Cove, Farnborough, England. Les was later killed in Aden in the mid-60's.
Captain F J Barber serving in Germany 1970

Etajima, Japan 1954 Hiro, Japan 1955
Etajima, Japan
(on Landing Craft 1954)

Back:     Walker, Riley
Middle:  Wheeler, Fred Barber, Jeffries
Bottom:  Davy, Ourone
Hiro, Japan  (February 1955)
Back:   Davy, unknown, *Johnny Seagrave, unknown
Front:   Jeffries, Fred Barber

*Johnny Seagrave later became a well known
horse racing jockey on the Northern tracks.

My best pal from 1H 1947 Allen Simpson is still in touch. We phone every week and I visit him a couple of times a year at his home in Chorley, Lancs and check out the old haunts!
I have now settled in Farnham, Surrey. I have two sons and two daughters all grown up and live in the area.
Thanks Fred, that is a great profile. Thanks for sharing your success with us. Ernie

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