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Julie Anne Brookhouse (nee Haime) - Winton Senior School 1976-81

I didn't really enjoy the academic side of school but I tried. I started off in N group and ended up in S group but I enjoyed the company of the friends I made along the way.
I left school in 1981 and had several jobs at the time as many will remember jobs were scarce so most of us did YTS's.
I got married in 1985 to Stephen and gave up work to have my first child in 1986, in the next fourteen years I had two other children Scott in 88, and Sky in 90, and had several jobs, then a friend dragged me off to college because I said I'd like to do something and it was there I realised the only thing I did well at school was Art so I enrolled on a GNVQ. At first I thought it was a bit of fun then I realised it was an intense course with possible career prospects.
Before I knew it the year had passed and I had enrolled on the next course a foundation diploma, and my tutors on that course encouraged me to enroll into University.
I applied for a place in Liverpool, John Moores, and was amazed to be accepted, and in the second year, a rep from Hollyoaks came round to the studios and asked to use my work, it was an amazing experience, I met some brilliant people along the way, and I'm about to apply to the GTTR to hopefully become a teacher myself.
The photo was taken at my graduation in 2005.

Many thanks Julie. Congratulations on your achievements. :)  Ernie
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