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William Griffiths [Billie]- 1958/61
Memories from the early days of Winton Senor
from an email received 17th July 2002

Dear Ernie,

I live in Bahrain and have worked here almost 20years, I am the Production Control Manager.

My name is William Edward Griffiths ( Bill ) and attended Winton Senior as it was then from 1958-1961 4 years.

My two sisters Pat and Jean also attended much earlier than I. Jean from 1944-1947 and Pat from 1947- 1951.
My years at Winton were happy years where I must have spent more time in that Gymnasium first under Mr Ward and then under my best and favourite teacher Mr Bennet than anyone else. Mr Bennet helped me develop and I spent every dinner hour in that Gym for years.

I did not particularly like school although for some reason I liked Winton school, both my son and daughter, Craig and Heather also attended although not for the full 4 years.
Mr Jolly in room 18, end of the corridor upstairs was brilliant, young and relatively new into teaching
(Geography) was a breath of fresh after the previous lesson with Dan Sarsfields science lesson followed by what was then called music with Old Mar Coot , she had a big gold ring on her right hand and I still have the scar on my head where she clouted me as she did many before and probably after but usually we deserved it.

Mr Sarsfield lived in Newon-le Willows and could be seen stepping from the train at Patricroft at 8.45. am then running the walks and Worsley road to be in time for morning assembly.
Mr Rimmer was good to me as I was at that time the second fastest freestyle swimmer at Winton after Alan Hooper whom used to swim the 25 yards of Eccles baths in 15 seconds dead, while I were 15.5 seconds, Bill O`Donnell, the Olympic swimmer used to do it in 11 seconds but was older than us. Mr Rimmer lived down Verdun Rd near Hope Hospital, just off Wilton Rd. He also owned a bran new black baby AUSTIN car which was real posh then.

Another new teacher whom came whilst we were in our second year was Mr Javi a maths teacher whom was a good teacher but we pulled his leg a lot and he eventually made a good impression at the school especially on our posterior`s as he used to slipper you with the heel of the pump which I can tell you hurt. Mr Javi though was a gentleman and we usually deserved it as he was at the end of his tether with us.
Mr Whetton also joined I think during this 4 year era and stayed some while as Craig our son was taught wood work by him some 22 years later. Mr Whetton had time for everyone and his explanations and practical advice were spot on, we used the coffee table I made with the help of him until recently as it was a piece of Winton sentimentality.

Mr Barnes was his predecessor in the end room downstairs next to the admin and Charlie Adam`s office. Only ever visited Charlie Adam`s office once when he caned me and Christopher Hubert for playing truant one Monday afternoon. His old flexible rubbery cane no more than 14 inches long rattling your finger tips. We should have gone to Metalwork at Green Lane but watched them fishing at Trafford warehouse instead.

I can remember also a tall older teacher called Mr Butterworth but only vaguely , what I do know that both he and a teacher called Alan Warrington from Beech St were at school with my father, Green Lane school in the 1920 era.
Alan Warrington of course famous for founding the Eccles Boys Choir and organist at Eccles parish church along with Mr Foden.
Later in life we met and became very good friends with Mrs Bradburn the school secretary at the time I was there and her husband whose name was Charlie, a lovely man.

Better than average footballers came from Winton Senior to join Ranks in their teens to play for the local teams and do really well. Playing for EX ROFFIANS in the ECCLES and DISTICT league then and playing on cleavleys big pitch outside the dressing rooms was fabulous. DAVID BENISON, BILL GRIFFITHS, GEORGE GASKELL,HARRY GASKELL, DAVID DITCHFIELD STEWART CROMPTON, IAN McCORMICK are but a few whom did very well.
The smartest teacher without doubt was Mr Grimshaw whom taught maths and how to shoulder charge, as he barged boys daily from his path if they were in his way. He still retained and brought with him his military training( RAF ). He was feared and revered and had a twinkle in his eye. Mr Grimshaw lived near my sister on Oxford Rd, Pendleton.


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