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Suzanne Carroll (Moore) - Winton Senior School 1972-77

To give you a brief outline of who I am and how I got here.
After leaving Winton, I did one year at Eccles sixth form (couldn't hack A levels, you know how we were thought to go to factory work and not college)
I went to work for City of Salford as an Trainee Architectural Technician. I did good and really enjoyed it (at 11 in art class I knew I wanted to work in Architecture), I even went on to pick up my Graphic Designer qual. on my own time. So I knew I was not dumb.
During that time I was spending time away from work doing youth work, even working in the youth club built behind the dining room at Winton HS. I specialized in outdoor ed. climbing, hiking, camping and Kayaking. I went on to qualify as a youth and community officer and kayak instructor.
At this time I was starting to get itchy feet. Many of my kayak buddies would work between expeditions and I was getting restless.
In 1990, I got an invitation to join a women's expedition to the newly opening eastern front, mainly Czechoslovakia.
In 1991, I took vol. redundancy, sold my car, rented out my house and bought a ticket to New Zealand. I spent the next two years traveling around the South Pacific and USA, doing alot of winter and working in the ski industry.
On one of my visits to the States, I met my now husband. We did not date as we both knew I was traveling, and did not want to get involved.

When I came back round another time though, we did date. The rest is history, I stayed because of him. I do love where I am though.
I have worked mainly in the restaurant and ski industry since I have been here. I run my own wedding cake business in the summer and run The Tour Center at Winter Park Resort in the winter, snowcat and snowshoe tours.
So I settled here in 1993 and have not really moved since. As much travel as possible though.

That is my life in as short as I can condense it.

Suzy, that is fantastic. You are correct; In my time at Winton, if you weren't a Grammar Grub you were doomed to hard labour in the mines. :-))
It is always good to see a Wintonian climb the tree and excel as you have. Keep doing your own thing Girl. :)
ps. We are now retired and live in Arizona.


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