Gilbert Hearn - Winton High School 1941-44
(aka. GILLY)

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The War had been on for 2 Years when I went to W,S. In 1941 I got Polio. In 1944 I went away to hospital in Biddulph S-O-T. When I came out it was work time.

I started school days at Beech St. Went there for a week or two then went to St Mary's old school in Westwood Park. I was there also for a short time then went to Westwood Park infants school, and from there to Winton.

I Remember Mr Stevens the science teacher suffered from a gas attack in the 1914-18 war. He kept popping pills in class to keep him alive. He had a piece of rubber tubing that he would come down on loose plywood table top with such a thump he would make you jump. No chance of dropping off. He was also very accurate with bits of chalk board rubber.

With it being war time we was very short of materials. I was in Brindley House in the -T- Form. I married in 1952 to Elizabeth
( Betty ) Morrison who was also an 'Old Girl'. I have 5 children 10 grand children.

I remember P,C, Jordan, he used to talk to us at school. When they thought parachutes was dropping on Barton Airfield he got a phone call at the police post at the end of Parrin Lane. He was told to go back to Green Lane Police Station, on his push bike, to pick up rifle's and come back to Winton Library where he met other policemen, where they tried to work out how to shoot.
The next morning on our way to school we saw there effort; Concrete Chippings on the floor, bullet holes in the shelter, he sorted the Yanks out of The Ellesmere Pub at Winton.

Yours Gilbert (GILLY) Hearn,

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