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My name is Chris Keller - Jackson and I lived in Winton, going to WHS between 1979 and 1984.  I was then called Chris Jackson and went there with my twin brother, Michael and my older brother Andrew - from whom the reference came.
As to my illustrious career.
  • Left Winton High School 1984
  • Worsley Technical College - Diploma in Production & Mechanical Engineering (1985-86)
  • Joined Royal Air Force and a Weapons Technician until 1992, including a spell in the Gulf War (yes I have the medals to prove it !)
  • Bradford University - Degree in Technology & Management (1992 - 95)
  • Huddersfield University - MSc in Computer Integrated Manufacture (1996 - 97)
  • I now work for AGFA Gevaert in Leeds as a Business Systems Analyst, working mainly in Barcode, Printer and Manufacturing Systems.
Pretty good for a Grammar School failure, and a non academic pupil.
(Webmasters Note: You did well Chris. Proud of ya!)
I now live in Huddersfield, with 1 six year old daughter.

Chris photographing at the Red Bull Soapbox Challenge. Here we show Chris practicing one of his great passions.
No not driving in the Red Bull Soapbox Challenge, photographing it.!
His other passion is Mountain Biking.

Chris photographing at the Red Bull Soapbox Challenge.
Photo above is me and Rory Hitchens (trailing)
on tops above Ladybower Reservoir.
Chris photographing at the Red Bull Soapbox Challenge. Left shows me dropping down into some
woods from Rushup edge. Peak District.
Of the list of your alumni, the following I know, from either the same year or around that time.  Here goes:

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Same Year
Lynn Benson (I think)
Jacqueline Smith (Brown)
Helen Burgess (Olive)
Helen Saleh
Eddie Wood (Woody)
  Around that time
Craig Ashcroft
Peter Barrett
John Livsey
William Taylor - Younger brother of Earl Taylor
So that is 5 'net enabled' friends and school mates from the same year.  Plus others.
Some memorable quotes....

When in Drama with Mr Shuker, pupils would ask him what to do and he would reply "Improvise !"

The Technical Drawing teacher of the day (terrible memory) would get us to chant;
 "7, 7, 7, all good boys go to heaven", "30, 30, do it wrong and you'll get hurty" in relation to the border on an isometric drawing.  I learnt a lot of engineering discipline there.  Thank.
Oh' and a lot of fond memories that have suddenly come flooding back.
The Quadrangle, no running,
Mr Valelley - the ex forces sports teacher, coming 8th in 'the Powergame' (a junior version of the 'Great Egg Race' from Granada TV) with my brother and Earl Taylor.
The 'man fish' that was Nickolas Slack, banned from the swimming gala for being too good and always with an ear infection.
Lesley Prescot - the girl of my dreams.
My stolen 'O'level woodwork project.
Maths with the teacher allergic to chalk dust.
David Slater, Edward Hollowood.
Whatever happened to those days?

Thanks for the memories.

Chris Keller - Jackson (I was then called Twinnie - as you might expect !)

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