This Web Site is dedicated to all the former Teachers, Students, Staff and Memories that this building housed during it's short life.
The following will live on in our hearts and memories. They did leave their mark.

Teachers and Staff

Remembered by...

  Adams, Charlie S. Mr.
  (Head Master 1938-1961)
  d. Jan 1984.   See his profile
  Barnes, W. Mr.   d.64
  Bradburn, Irene. Mrs.  d.? our Bursar for years. she will be remembered by generations of pupils.
  Butterworth, E. Mr. d.? "...he was an outstanding man, nature's example of what a human being should be like."   fondly remembered by David & John Benyon
  Coote, Mrs.   the best English teacher. Frank Shepherd, Ernie Mills
  Goodier, John Mr.
  (Deputy Head 70/80's)
  d. 19 Nov. 2013 A very dear friend who will be remembered with affection and respect by all who knew him. He led the school with integrity and distinction at a difficult time in its history.
  Gore, Gene (Banfield)
  d. Jan. 2015  always in our thoughts. from Susan Bessford, Susan Butterworth, Barbara Elford and all who knew her.
  Grimshaw, W.S Mr.   d Dec. 21st. 2007. much loved, much respected and much missed. Gail and family
... a great teacher. taught me Math & Practical Drawing. this is a big shock, his memory will live on.  Ernie Mills

  Hawkins,  Miss   Lynne Platt (Heywood), Frances Robinson (Blohm) "..she was an inspiration"
" inspired my love of learning. you were very  special & your memory remains clear in my mind. many thanks for all you gave of yourself to your pupils."
  Honeyford, Ray Mr.   d. 5 Feb. 2012 "He was a great teacher. remembered by John Fannery
  Jarvey, Mr.   "..he was a fine teacher and a kind man", Jeff Pearce
  Kane, Kay Mrs.   d.August 2001. Remembered by Paula Kenyon
  Kane, R.A.
  (Head Master 1961-1974)
  Owen, Miss   "...who inspired me to appreciate all 'classical  music'. Her patience was unbelievable"
Moira Minke (nee Connor)
  Pierce-Jones, Emyr Mr.
  (Head Master 75-87)
  d.1987. int. North Wales. Remembered by Darrel Cooper.
  Platt, Pat
  (English Head 80's)
  d. Sep' 87.  Remembered by Dorothy Shaw
  Rimmer, Mr.   remembered by Frank Shepherd
  Sandham, Gordon Mr.    
  Savage, P Miss (1949-1966)   d. 26May2020. Fondly remembered as the best teacher ever. Barbara Tims, Denise Mills.
  Smith, Veronica  Mrs.   d. 2010. fondly remembered by Ms Sumner, Dorothy Shaw and Paul Griffin.
She was a great RE teacher.
  Taylor,  Jean Mrs.   d. 2006. was well liked and respected by staff and pupils.
 fondly remembered by Sylvia Fantom and Dorothy Shaw.
  Williams, Dorothy E. Miss
  (Head Mistress 1938-1965)
  d.1975 age 70, at her home in Towyn, Clwyd, North Wales.
  Wilkinson, R. Mr.   great teacher. Frank Shepherd, Ernie Mills


  Andrew, Gillian Barbara '67 d.1995 auto accident. my bestest, bestest friend. still miss you. still love you. Susan Eachus
  Artingstall, Tony - 53-56   we fondly remember you cousin.
Betty & Ernie Mills
  Aspras, June (Wrigley) -  49   d. 8apr2000. fondly remembered by all her family. see below)
  Bagshaw, Barbara - 47/51   with very happy memories. Betty Mills
  Baraclough, Peter - 54/57   many a great time. RIP. Ernie Mills
  Barber, Fred - 47-50   1935-2006  Deeply loved and deeply missed... Linda, Billy, Allen and  Susan.   See his profile
  Bebbington, Brian - 49/53   1934-2008 Remembered fondly by Margery and Philip. He was a "top bloke".
  Bennison, David - ??/??   died in an accident on a building site in Honk Kong.
  Benson, David - 53/56  d. Jun.2015. Will be missed by all his family and his mates at Winton Senior School. Dave was a member of the 'images' band, and played for us at the 2003 school reunion.
  Benson, Donald - 48/51   remembered fondly by Betty Mills
  Bolton, J - 46/50   remembered by Graham Connor
  Booth, William [Billy]   sadly remembered by Graham Connor
  Bowker, Garry - 66/71 age 55 years suffered a heart attack 9th April 2010. he was a brilliant musician and took part in many school productions. His music teacher at school was Alan Garnet who sent his condolences to the family.
 Remembered, missed so much by sister Belinda and the family.
  Bradley, Beryl - 50/54   remembered by Betty Mills
  Brittain, Graham - 56/59   remembered by Mike Brocklehurst, Albert Beckett and Ernie Mills (see below)
  Buckley, Arthur - 54/57   remembered by Ernie Mills
  Burrows, David - 76/81   d. 22yrs. Result of motorbike accident.  Will never be forgotten by Tommy, Pete, Di and family and friends.
  Caldicott, Jean - 52/56 sister passed away about a year ago (2002). James Caldicott
  Cartwright, Bobbie - 57/60    
  Cawdor, Jacqueline - 64/68   Jackie Shaughnessy (Pimbley). you were always so pretty and nice. lovely memories of a dear school friend.
  Child, Maureen (Jones) - 51/56   d.age 66. Nov. 21st 2006. Together again with Jim. She was the most kind and beautiful lady. Sadly missed by her family and friends.
  Clarkson, Linda - 62/65   d.age 21. Taken too early. fondly remembered
  Clare, Barbara - 60/65   d.1995. age 45. Remembered fondly.
  Coniff, Dennis - 54/57   d. Aug. 2003. We loved you so much. We will always remember you. Sister Jean and all the family.
One of my closest friends. Many, many happy memories. Big loss for me.  Ernie Mills
  Coupe, Joan (Goodall) - 38   very fond memories. Harry, Audrey, Janet (Goodall)
  Dagnall, K - 46/50  
  Doherty, Alan 54/57  d. 2011. Very fond memories. He was a most popular boy in class. Very sad to hear you passed. Ernie Mills. Special fond memories from his family and friends. Andy, thanks for heads up. 
  Donlon, Jack - 56/60   fond memories. Frank Shepherd. miss you Jack & Barbara (Crowe). Think of you all the time. Cath.
  Dooley, William (Bill)  54/58 d. Feb 2005. Remembered by his family and school mates.
  Dowling, Maureen - 46/50 good friend. Betty Mills
  Drummond, Kathleen -
  (Chilton) - 51/54
  d.Apr 2002. fondly remembered and loved. Roy Chilton
  Drummond, Paul - 80/85   d.1988. age 18 in a car accident. sadly missed great lad gone 2 soon.  Darrel Cooper.
  Edwards, Lesley - 61/64   d.2002. remembered fondly by Barbara Bath (Elford)
  Fagan, Barrie Stuart- 55/59   d.16th Aug. 2009. a fellow school friend of Mike Brocklehurst. he will be missed and remembered.
  Garnett, Sonia   remembering. Pat Borders
  Goodall, Audrey (Batty) -
  d.Jan 02. fondly remembered by her daughter Janet and Barbara Bath (Elford)
  Gough, Eddie - 49/52   d.Aug 2009. fondly remembered and loved by his wife Jean, daughters Gaynor and Lorna, Paul Griffin, Tony Willett, and Ernie Mills.
  Grant, Billy -63   d.Jan 1971. remembered always by sister Elsie
  Guntripp, Billy - 47/50   fond memories. Ed Guntripp and Graham Connor
  Hadfield, Roly - 56/59   d. Feb.2007 age 62. He was the Base Player of Wintons very own group, The Images. He will be missed by all wintonians, his friends and family. Lynn Benson
  Hall, Peter d. 13 Jan. 2012. gone before he could enjoy more of his retirement. sadly missed by wife Brenda and family, especially his adored grandchildren. will be missed by Albert Beckett, Ernie Mills and Barbara & Peter Bath.
  Hall, Norman   fondly remembered by friends. Dorothy & Eric Holt
  Hallsworth, Gillian  - 51/55   remembered with fond memories. Margaret Smethurst
  Hallwood, Alf - ??/??   d. 15 July 2011 of cancer aged 61. he will be missed by his sister Diane, brother John and the rest of the Hallwood family. Special thoughts go out from a family friend Barbara Bath (Elford)
  Harrop, John - 80/85   ".... but I have never forgotten him"     Anonymous !
sadly missed. great friend. Andy McKay
  Hearn, Betty (Morrison) - 42/45   d. 30th Mar. 2006 at Hope. ".. thanks for 55 wonderful years. will always miss you." Gilbert (husband). Sadly missed by all the family, and her school mates.
  Hiley, Neil   d. 2007 age 60 years.  Remembered and missed by Kath and family, Lynn Benson and his many friends. His days at Radio Manchester and his shows at Patricroft Conservative club immortalized him. Thanks for the fun.
  Hosie, June   d. 1985 remembered fondly by sister Marion and all the family.
  Hooper, Ken   d. 2012.  missed by Jeff. Alan and Carole
  Hopper, Geff   d. Jan 2009.  great cyclist. taken too early. missed by Joan Douglas and Paul Griffin.
  Hosie, Keith   d. 1994 also fondly remembered  by sister Marion and  the family.
  Hubert, Arthur Stephan (Steve)

  Form 1n 1953 2n 1954 3n 1955
  4h 1956
  born 20th May 1941, died on 24th August 2015. Sorely missed by family. He will be rally missed by Kevin Booth
 "I was in the same classes as Steve all the way through Beech Street Junior School and Winton Secondary Modern.
Steve and I kept in touch all our lives and I attended his funeral on 7th September 2015. I will always have fond memories of Steve. Steve's long time friend and classmate, Kevin Booth.
  Kenyon, Marjorie - 51   d. at 52. in 2001, sadly from a heart attack, she is  remembered and much loved by Paula Kenyon and all member of the family and her many friends. 
  Kirkham, John - 54/57   d. at age 22. 1965.  fondly remembered by members of the family and his class mates. 
  Lea, Eric - 64/67   rest in peace dear cousin.
Betty & Ernie Mills
  Logan, Arthur - 62/66    d 1962 on railway tracks at Patricroft. RIP my friends.
  Long, Olive Liz (Betty)   d.Christmas day 1988.
  Loxley, Anne - 52/56 d.Oct 2002. remembered by Ann Byrum.
  Lowther, Jack - 54/57 d.?. remembered by his class mates.
  Malpus, Eric - ?/?   d.'? Man City was is club all of his life. I remember him going each week when he was 14/15. remembered fondly by Harold Heyes.
  Martin, Rick - 65   d.'96. head boy and popular, missed by Janice. remembered fondly by Barbara Bath (Elford)
think about you lots. hope your happy where you are.
Susan Eachus
  Milburn, Michael - 55/60   d. 1991. in Sydney, Australia. Michael is the husband of Janet and father of Leslie, Jonathan and Craig Milburn. He is lovingly remembered by the whole family.  RIP Dad.
  Miley, Mark - 79/82   "we had a lot of good laughs" Karen Whipday
(nee Hoey) said as she fondly remembered Marks friendship.
" in peace babe" Kim Hoey.
  Mills, Andrew - 76/79   d.11th April 2004. "greatly missed by all his family and friends". Paul Giffin
  Moran, Karl   d.1989. missed by Kay & family
  Mosey, David - 48/61   Remembered with great affection by all that knew him - Albert Beckett
  Nicholls, Gaynor  - ?/64   d. 2012. dearly loved by her family & fondly remembered by Susan Drakopolous (Bessford) and
Barbara Bath (Elford)
  O'Brian Mark  - 73/77   d.Nov. 2012. age 50.  fondly remembered by sister Mandy and family..
  Ore, Stewart - 63/68   d.Feb. 2003. age 50.  in New Zealand.
  Parker, Barry - 42   d. 14th Apr. 2002. fondly remembered by Lesley Crompton (Hughes), ".. he was a good friend"
  Parkins, Marjorie - 50/54   d. 27th September 2000. (suddenly) She is dearly loved and greatly missed by her sisters Kathleen and Christine.
  Pendlebury, Eddie - 54/57   d. 1998. we had a lot of laughs. really saddened to hear Eddie has left us. Ernie
  Pendlebury, Jean - 55/58   d. 1987. cancer.
  Percival, Justin [Percy]   sadly missed. a true friend from junior and secondary school. RIP. Norman Robinson
  Pilling, Mike   d. 1985. heart attack. fondly remembered by his brother David, his family and all his friends.
  Roberts, John - 54/57   d. 13th April 2004. age 62. we miss him so much. Celia Roberts (Latchford) wife.
I remember John well in class. We had a good time, Ernie (Mills)
  Robinson, Stuart - ?/?   d. d abt. 2017. Missed by Harold Heyes, his family and classmates.
  Rogerson, Phyllis - 66   d. age 21/22 in 1977. remembered by Sandra Mazur (Halliday)
  Rudd, Yvonne   d age 40. remembered fondly by her family and friends.
  Rutterford, Derek   d 1999. heart attack. lovingly remembered by Jean and family.
  Rutterford, Derek   d 1999. heart attack. lovingly remembered by Jean and family.
  Scholes, Gary  - 75/80   d. Jul 2012. too young at 48. remembered fondly by Paul Griffin.
  Shepley, Dave -61/65   d  2009? . remebred by all his mates at Winton.
  Shuker, John - 53/57   d  28thDec2019. fondly remembered by his family, friends and all his mates at Winton.
See his specialon the Profile page
  Smith, Graham -70/75   d  25thJan2014. fondly remembered by his family, friends and all his mates at Winton.
  Smith, Malcolm -53/57   happy days. H.H
  Spackman, Tina
  (McCann) - 81/86
  d 25th Mar, 2007. A beautiful sister much loved, so very sadly loved & missed. Will always be remembered , never forgotten, Angie McCann,  NZ
  Sunderland, Kevin -72/77   sorry he went the way he did. Damien Crockett
  Tither, Peter - 50   remembered by Graham Connor
  Valentine, John - 54/57   b. 1942  d. 27th June 2013. a very sad day for all his family, relatives and many friends. He will be sorely missed. Memories from a friend. Also see See his special, memorial page
  Wakefield, Vic - 54/57   remembered by Dave Pilling & Ernie Mills
  Walker, Linda  - 60/64 nbsp; b.22 Nov. 1948 d. may 20111. remembered dearly by her family, Susan Drakopolous (Bessford) and Barbara Bath (Elford) and her brother John.
  Wallsworth, Jean (Caldecott)   d.10th May 2002. from cancer. deeply loved and missed. Brian.
  Whitelegge, Margaret (Bushell) -      58/62   d. 9th March 2005. was much loved and will be missed by husband Roy, brothers Tom, Alan and Laurence, the Bushell family and second cousin, Barbara Bath (Elford)
  Wild, Judith -59/63   d. 1970 in loving memory to my sister. Pauline
  Wilkinson, John -56/59   d. 2007? Lovingly remembered by family and friends.

Wilson, Derek - 55/58

  d. 7jul01. we will miss you very much.
A Tribute to Dad   Lots of love, Karen
miss you Derek. Barbara (Crowe) Cath.
  Wilson, Doreen - 57/60   d.? with many fond memories. Karen
  Wilson, Krissie - 84/89   d.14 July 1999. was much loved by her Mum, family and friends. Will always be remembered.
  Yates, Phil - 62/66    d 1962 on railway tracks at Patricroft. RIP my friends.
  Yates, D - 48/52    
  Yersley, David - 54/57    

This is from the Manchester Evening News 17 Sep 2003
 - Deaths Column -

Graham aged 59 years and after a long illness bravely borne.
The only son of the late Harold and Olive Brittain of Peel Green Eccles.
Graham was a lifelong enthusiast for all forms of transport, for music
for theatre and for life. His many friends will also remember him
with fondness and admiration.
A funeral service will be held at Patricroft Methodist Church
at 10.15 am on Friday September 19 2003 followed by a
committal at Peel Green Crematorium at 11.00 am
All inquiries to Carriages Funeral Service 4 Barton Road,
Swinton Tel 0161 794 9199

Albert Beckett.
This from his friend and fellow Wintonian.

John Valentine 1 942-2013 John was always up for a laugh and involved with the school plays. He was a great family man and husband to his wife Barbara, children Jonathan and Keeley, and he loved his grandchildren. He was always pulling stunts and telling jokes and anyone who got to know him would instantly like him. He attended the grand reunion in 2003 at old Trafford and would have been at the reunion at Salford stadium this year, but for ill health, I spoke with him on the phone, he was sorry he would not be able to make it. John had a brother Albert. John sadly passed away at the Christie hospital, a very sad day for all his family, relatives and many friends.

Paul Griffin (1981).