Thanks to Steve Hoar we now have a School Time Line.
As the manager of this historic section, Steve has requested that all Alumni please fill in the gaps and make sure that the historic data is completely accurate.
Eventually I will make the Time Line available in PDF format to facilitate your printing of this data. Enjoy!
photo courtesy Jeffrey G.Wilkinson, Documentary Photographer

This is the Official Winton Senior/Winton High School Historic Time Line

  • 1931 The Land that the School stood was bought and plans begin to build the school.
  • 1936 Mr G.G. Senior laid the foundation stone in May.
  • 1938 The school opens
  • 1939
    • The Second World War starts 03.09.1939, the school closes 04.09.1939 until 24.10.1939.  Between 24.10.1939 and 02.01.1940 the school has a rota where the girls are taught in the morning and the boys in the afternoon.
    • The School adopt a ship for the War Effort S.S.Cairnross.
  • 1940
    • The school reopens fully on 02.01.1940.
    • The S.S. Cairnross sunk 17.01.1940.  Hit by an Enemy mine.  The ship sank 53° 31' 03" N 03° 33" W. The Cairnross was originally launched at New Brighton on the Wirral.
    • After the sinking the School adopts the S.S. Coulberg.
    • The school participates in the 'Dig for victory' campaign.
    • The school Numbers swell with the intake of evacuees.
  • 1941 Clementine Churchill, The Prime Ministers (Winston Churchill) wife, write to the Headmaster Mr Adams in November thanking the school for it's help and support in the Red Cross Aid for Russia fund that she is a patron of.
  • 1944 School celebrates D-Day
  • 1945
    • VE Day - celebrations at school, as throughout the country.
    • The school leaving age is raised to 15 between 1945 and 1946.
  • 1946 The Captain of the SS Coulberg comes to school to thank the school for the support during the war years. The next day (8.7.47) a delegation from Winton school visit the SS Coulberg.
  • 1949  Winton Senior enters the first schoolboy swimming championship which was held in Weston-super-mare.  The team wins.  The winning  team consists of Frederick   Barber (Captain)  Keith Dagnall, Albert Brewerton, Barrie Moore and Arthur Robinson (Reserve).
  • 1950 School Production of Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Kidnapped'.
    1951 School Production of HMS Pinafore
    1952 School Production of The Pirates of Penzance
    1953 School Production of The Mikado
    1954 School Production of HMS Pinafore
    1955 School Production of Iolanthe
    1956 School Production of The Mikado
    1957 School Production of The Pirates of Penzance
    1958 School Production of Iolanthe
    1959 School Production of Ruddigore
  • 1961 Mr Adams retires.  His last official day was 31.08.1961.  His retirement gifts include, An Electric Fire (!), Encyclopedia of Art and a watch.  Mr RA Kane is the New Headmaster from 1st September 1961.
  • 1963 New Dining Hall built.
  • 1965
    • Miss D. Williams retired as Headmistress of the school.
    • The entertainer Frankie Vaughan visits the school at the school fete.
  • 1966
    • Amalgamation of the Boys and the Girls school happened on 02.05.1966.
    • The school goes World cup crazy as England wins the cup.
    • Margaret Elliott is the new Deputy Head.
  • 1972 The School Changes its name to WINTON HIGH SCHOOL.
  • 1973 Mr  Kane Dies aged 53.  The ex deputy Head of Moorside School, Mr Emyr Pierce-Jones is the new head teacher.
  • 1974Salford City takes over the village of Winton among other areas, and Winton High School is now run by the Salford Education Authority.
  • 1975  Dorothy Williams Dies (70) at her home n Towyn, Clwyd, North Wales.
  • 1977 The school Celebrates the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II
  • 1978 The School wins the 1st Salford Public Speaking Competition.
  • 1981 The first School Disco as organised. Ticket price - 25p ea.
  • 1983 The School wins the BBC TV Programme "Cheggars Plays Pop"
  • 1984
    • Mr Adams, the first Headmaster, dies January.
    • The School Production of Salad Days.
  • 1987 The School Closes it's enrollment to new students, and merges with Ellesmere Park High to become Wentworth High School.
  • 1987 Mr. Pierce-Jones died in June.
  • 1989 The last class graduated and the gates were shut for good.
  • 1997 Ernie Mills launches the Wintonian Web Site
  • 2003  The Grand Reunion