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Winton Senior School
Boys Swimming, 1949

Thanks to: Linda Barber (nee ??)
Iden: Frederick Barber
Boys Swimming 1949

This is the School swimming team that won the English Swimming Championships in 1949.
They broke the UK record for the 4x50 yards Relay.
Fred, as Captain of the team at that time, I think you can be very proud of your team and your accomplishment.
Key to photograph.
Arthur Robinson (reserve), Keith Dagnall,
Albert Brewerton, Fred Barber (captain), Barry Moore

Winton Senior School
Boys Swimming, the 50's
This is taken from an e-mail sent to me from Eric Holt.
Hi Ernie,
My name Is Eric Holt. I attended Winton 1954 to 1956, before going on to Worsley Tech. I captained the B swim team the year the A team won the All England In Torquay That team was: Bill O'Donnell, Alfred Hayes, Mike Doare, and Bill Chapman. Bill O'Donnell later held the world record for the 100 yards freestyle, he was the first person to do this event in under 50 seconds.
Yours Sincerely Dorothy and Eric Holt
From the album of Bill O'Donnell
Thanks to:Bill O'Donnell
Iden: ?
Swimming Team, 1954
Swimming Team, 1955
Trophy Presentation, 1955
Wow! a room full of Trophies

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The 1955 All England School Boy Swimming Championship.
held at Hove Baths, Brighton.
Thanks to: Harold Heyes

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Winton Senior School
Tony Willett, 1957

Thanks to:Tony Willett

This Certificate was earned by Tony Willett, about 1957.
It says;
to certify that the holder has been awarded a free pass to the swimming baths for six months, having passed the following test in good style:-
1.   50 yards Breast Stroke or Front Crawl.
2.   50 yards English Back Stroke or Back Crawl.
3.   Royal Life Saving Society: First Method of Rescue.
4.   Surface Dive to Recover Object in Six Feet of Water.
5.   Neat Dive

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Winton High School
Swimming Championships,  1972
A copy of the 1972 annual school swimming championships brochure that was rescued from the secretary's office before demolition.
Thanks to:Gary McMahon
Front page with Mark Spitz
Officials List
Score card
Score card

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