SEEK, STRIVE, FIND Winton Grand Reunion 2007
Sheridan Suite
371 Oldham Road, Manchester M40 8EA
Saturday, 21 April 2007 at 4.00pm

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15 October, 2006
Dear Wintonian,
It is with deep regret that we have to inform you that the Reunion planned for the 21st April next year is about to collapse, due to a lack of support.
When the suggestion of organizing a second Grand Reunion was advertised on the school website, we were overwhelmed with the
response and estimated that 700 to 800 of our former pupils and their friends would join us. We started to advertise the tickets on the 1st June this year and during the last five (5) months we have sold 23 tickets.

Yes that's right twenty three!!
Where are you all?

As you will appreciate organizing a function such as this places a heavy financial burden on the committee, and with the probability of having to pay the whole basic cost of the event out of our own pockets early next year, we are about to set in motion the cancellation procedure before the losses become too great.

Unless there is a significant upsurge in demand for tickets in the next few days, we will have no alternative but to cancel the event or suffer the financial consequences.
Please contact :

Peter Hall, the GR2007 Treasure for more information.

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The GR007 Treasurer
Peter Hall
10a, Foxhills Close,
Cheshire, WA4 5DH
ENGLAND               Telephone 01925 860354
Please do not let this happen

your GR2007 committee

SEEK, STRIVE, FIND Well it did happen .... With everyone wanting to pay the last week, the cash flow killed it.
I did not want my committee to loose out so I pulled the plug.
Shame, the planning that went into this by Barbara and Peter was tremendous and the calculated potential was for over 1000 to
I thank Peter Hall and Barbara Bath (Elford) for the organizational genius in getting this as far as it got.
A sad note: Peter Hall passed away 13 Jan. 2012. Will always be remembered.

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