Winton Senior
The Grand Reunion 2003

Old Trafford Banquet Hall, Manchester Suite
26th April 2003
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Ken Summers - GR2003 Treasurer
Some of the 750 attendants GR2003 under full swing
Bill Moffatt, Denise Mills Betty Mills
Carol Matthews (in blue) Jean Beckett, Sylvia Lane, Susan Ashworth
Nora Becket
t, Aileen Higginbottom
Carol Matthews, Sylvia Lane Ian Worstencroft, Nora Beckett

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Ernie Mills June Christie, Sheila Payant
Dancing with the Images Jason Jones, Andrea Blaine
Ian Worstencroft, Morris Jefferson Sylvia Lane, Susan Ashworth
Nora Beckett, Jean Beckett

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Ted Roberts Sandra Harrison (Plant)
 & hubby Norman
Kim Hill, Steve Hoar Kim Hill, Paul Moir, Mrs. Herbert
 Karen Whipday
Jean Beckett, Ian Worstencroft
Nora Beckett
Jean Beckett, Nora Beckett
Barbara Jones, Anne Kelly
Carol Matthews, Jean Beckett
Nora Beckett
Joan Greaves, James Kelly

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Kim Hill, Rob Howarth, Karen Whipday Steve Hoar, Will Taylor
Joan Greaves, James Kelly Margaret Hampson, Anne  Hampson
Ernie Mills The Images
The Images (band) Sylvia Lane, Susan Ashworth
Joan Beckett
Joan Greaves, Patsy Madden, Edith Madden
Albert Beckett, Jean Smith
Robert Harty, Joan Nugent
Nora Beckett, Elizabeth Nugent

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Sylvia Lane, Susan Ashworth, Nora Beckett
 Aileen Higginbottom
Steve Hoar, Janet Johnston, Ernie Mills
Miriam Roberts (Fenn) 39/42
 Margaret Simpson (Fenn)
Ted Roberts, Miriam Fenn
Margaret Fenn, Brenda Hall
Margaret Fenn, Miriam Fenn
Brenda Hall, Peter Hall 
Back Row: Jackie Elford, Jean Fry, Diane....
Hallwood, Ralph Miller, Hilary Bushell
Tony Bushell
Front Row: Barbara Elford, Rob Elford
Barbara Elford, Susan Bessford
Brenda Thwaites, Janet Robinson, Lesley ..
Pownall, Janet Bridge, Liz Vernon, Enid Smith
Barbara Elford, Susan Bessford
Diane Hallwood, Sylvia Kirk, Margaret Mason
Janet Bridge, Liz Vernon, Margaret Jenkins
Sylvia Kirk, Barbara Elford, Diane Hallwood
Margaret Mason
Bernard Gannon, Rob Elford, Ernie Mills
Jackie Elford

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Malvin Fry, Rob Elford, Barbara Elford Laurence Bushell, Margaret Bushell
Margaret Jenkins, Liz Vernon Brenda Thwaites, Gwyneth Williams
Janet Bridge
Sheila Payant, Miriam Fenn

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Back and Front covers of GR2003 Program

GR 2003 Guest List
One of the hand out Advertisements
GR2003 entry ticket appeared on Facebook
 4th Jul 2012. Posted by Tom Chamley

GR2003 Winton Souvenir Pen & Name Badge

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