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Jeff Parncutt - 12/24/00 19:15:07
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Town & Country: Irlam, M/chr. England

Hi Ernie, Great website, brings back good memories, keep up the good work and keep the school flag flying.

L.Benson - 11/16/00 01:04:26
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Town & Country: Eccles England

Enjoyed my visit again it was very interesting

Ernie Mills - 11/08/00 01:34:24
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Town & Country: Albany, NY


Malcolm Smith - 10/06/00 19:21:36
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Town & Country: Monton Lancashire

First visit for a couple of months. Has'nt it grown. Jeff Parncuts item on Staithes brought back memories of a great holiday.
Has anyone been to Staithes recently.....the camp is still there!
Sill looking for photos of Iolanthe & Pirates of Penzance opera's , anyone got any ?

andrea goodinson (simpson) - 10/01/00 23:33:04
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Town & Country: Oxford

I was a pupil of Winton High School not Winton Senior School (1980 - 86).
It was good to see old photos of past pupils with the school in the background...
how sad I was to see the housing estate recently :( . Keep up the good work!

steve hoar - 09/29/00 22:51:07
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Town & Country: Bolton, Lancashire.

Oh joy to see that my old infamous school is not just a new barrett housing estate.
How dare they build on sacred land, such as the bike sheds, the smokers corner and the art deco bogs!!
I went to WHS between 1980-1985, same time as previous guest booker and still my best mate, Aaron "As" Summers.
Who can remember such greats as Rodney "Skiddies" Howcroft, Andrew "Buttie" Chappell, Lyn "Minnie" Mottram
Andrew "Abel" Hassall and the one and only Stephen "Huggas" Hughes? I was known as "Hoarus"....
but it could have been worse!! Come on the boys and girls from the 80's don't let yer mums and
dads from the 60's hog this page - I would like to know where you all are. Hoarus

Aaron Summers - 09/23/00 09:12:55
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Town & Country: Leyland, Lancs

Interesting seeing so much ancient History on this site, I attended between 80-85.

Steve Manley - 09/21/00 16:14:01
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Town & Country: Toronto Canada

My email address has changed, dicovered I went to school with Alberts sister.

ernie edwards - 09/17/00 22:07:10
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Town & Country: bolton, england

ernie do you remember me i was in 2n

Judith Allen (nee cowen) - 09/13/00 09:12:27
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Town & Country: Bribie Island Australia

Just revisited your site great reunion photos. Found the name Peter Mobley on program of the 1956 Mikado.
He is my cousin and I have not heard anything of him since the sixties (any info or does anybody know of him.
I found my class photo (what a sight) T 1 1960.

Eddie Pasco - 09/06/00 10:23:55
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Town & Country: Rotorua,New Zealand

I went to Winton from 1968-72. Any photos from this time? No idea where mine are,probably lost in my travels.

Albert Beckett - 09/03/00 07:13:57
My Email:agbeckett@tinyworld.co.uk
Town & Country: Warrington, UK

LEN ALDERSON and STEVE MANLEY - I cannot contact either of you on e-mail addresses supplied. Albert

Peter Faulkner - 08/24/00 22:52:10
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Town & Country: Little Lever, Bolton

I attended Winton Secondary School between 1965 leaving in 1970,previously St Marks Primary School.
I used to live in Winton itself, towards Worsley Court House. Classmates included Peter Dartnell, Andrew Perry, Jimmy Grant.
I'm sure I have some photograp s and other information, I will look them up and send for you to insert onto the website.
Please reply later next week when I'm back in the office and able to reply better - thanks.

LEN ALDERSON - 08/24/00 13:33:29
My Email: lisawest@bigpond.com.au


Steve Manley - 08/23/00 16:35:17
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Town & Country: Toronto .Canada

I went to Ellesmer Park Secondary School between 1960 - 65 is there a web site for Ellesmere Park School?
If there is or someone remembers me drop me a line.
Left England in 1973, my origianl address in Eccles was 1a Richardson Road near the British Legio

Rita Summers - 08/20/00 14:25:57
Town & Country: Monton

I have just visited your site for the first time. I am married to Gordon Summers who was at Winton School in 1947
and went to the reunion in May 2000. We have sent in two photos and hope to see these on the site soon. Keep up the good work.

Sharon Meredith (Downey) - 08/18/00 18:34:00
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Town & Country: Richmond, USA

Love to hear from anyone from my year (80's)!

Karen corps(nee summers) - 08/13/00 19:08:24
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Town & Country: monton

I have just visited your page and hope that someone can find a picture of my father
David Summers who was there in 1957. Especially with short pants on.

lynn benson - 08/09/00 20:08:30
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Town & Country: eccles england

Good visit after a long break nice to see the additions

Peter Dartnell - 08/02/00 20:00:15
My Email:peter@pdartnell.freeserve.co.uk
Town & Country: Warrington, Cheshire

I attended Winton Secondary school between 1965 to 1970, and should be pleased to hear from
anyone who was at the school during the same period.

Maureen Brown (nee Thacker) - 07/31/00 20:22:33
My Email:mbrown@metrociti.com
Town & Country: North Hills, Southern California

I attended Winton Secondary School beginning in 1956. I am still in contact with two friends from those days,
Diane Stirling (nee Crossley) and Anne Furey (nee Johnson). Diane e-mailed me about the website and
I really enjoyed seeing my class photo of 1 57. Actually, my surname was mis-spelled (Thatcher) instead of Thacker -
but it was great to see all those faces again. I've lived in the USA for 15 years now and am married to an American.
I work full time for a mortgage broker/banker. I have no chil ren but do have four cats! I'd love to hear from anyone who picks this up...

Ken Summers - 07/24/00 16:34:06
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Town & Country: Far flung Boothstown

What a wonderful Site. I was at Winton from 59 to 64 and can't, for the life of me, remember the names of any my class mates!
However my claim to fame is that, years after leaving, I mended Mr Grimshawe's TV I'm off now to the loft to find some photo's
(I know I have one of our David's class and one of a victorious Lyndsey Football team, including Mr Butterworth. Bye for now.

Jean Bradley (nee Lockie) - 07/24/00 12:37:34
My Email:jean@highlead.demon.co.uk
Town & Country: Knutsford England

Informative web site - superb reunion - hopefully to be repeated.

Jean Lockie (Bradley) - 07/24/00 12:25:55


Greg Simpson - 07/13/00 17:40:19
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Town & Country: Shrewsbury, England

Miriam and Ted Roberts are my Auntie and Uncle. Miriam's sister Margaret is my mother.
While I didn't attend Winton I was at Westwood Park Junior School which supplied a lot of
Winton's "stock" and I lived in Winton for most of my school years.

Diane Stirling (nee Crossley) - 07/09/00 19:57:36
My Email:stirlingdiane@hotmail.com
Town & Country: Eccles, Manchester

I was at Winton Senior School from 1956 to 1960. It was lovely, and a surprise, to see my class photo on the internet.
Anyone who remembers me can send me an e-mail if they want to.

karl moorcroft - 07/09/00 04:38:50
My Email:karl.moorcroft@tesco.net
Town & Country: eccles

i found my dad (neil). I was in tears of laughter. Am I lucky because i left in 1980. no pics?

JIM AND PAT GRIEVES NEE (CHISNALL) - 07/06/00 20:58:51
My Email:patrcia@patricia213fsnet.co.uk
Town & Country: ECCLES

We attended Winton from 1947 to 1951 and we were members of the P.T.A. from 1967 to 1974 when our daughter
Gail and Son Gary were also at the school. greetings to all our fellow classmates and those that remember us. Hope we meet at the next reunion.

Pete Crossley - 07/04/00 12:07:06
My Email:peter@rainbowrail.co.uk
Town & Country: Astley, Manchester

I was at Winton from 1958 to 1961

Walter Cockerell - 06/20/00 18:40:34
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Town & Country: Knowle, North Devon


Miriam Fenn - 06/17/00 00:04:15
My Email:tedrob@sci.net.au
Town & Country: Australia


Claire Agius (née Nugent) - 06/08/00 20:07:21
My URL:http://www.agius.co.uk
My Email:mail@agius.co.uk
Town & Country: Manchester, UK

Hi all, I am Martin Nugent's daughter and just want to let you know that the e-mail address you have for
him is no longer in use. if you want to contact him in future, use mail@agius.co.uk Fantastic site by the way. Claire

Frances Robinson - 05/25/00 19:29:18
My Email:Frances.Robinson@btinternet.com
Town & Country: Yorkshire

Ernie The following is an attempt to identify some of the people on the photo I sent: Top row:
Rosslyn? unknown, unknown, unknown. Penny? unknown Second Row: Carol Crompton?
Margaret? Lesley Mason. Unknown, Unknown,Unknown,Unknown Third row down Unknown.
Marion Sidebotham? unknown ? Hurley? Kathryn Needham. Unknown.Unknown.Unknown
Fourth Row down: unknown. Unknown. Unknown. Miss Vaughan? Susan? unknown
Bottom row: Unknown. Pauline Tracey. Fay Blohm. Unknown Frances Robinson ps love the

Mike Pastorcich - 05/21/00 23:48:13
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Town & Country: Mobile, Ala,

Nice website Ernie, it has that definite Millsian touch. Good luck with the reunion. Regards, Mike

G. CASEY - 05/07/00 20:32:47
Town & Country: IRLAM


Alan Taylor - 05/06/00 22:44:22
My Email:vehanday@ic24.net
Town & Country: Newstead, Notts.

Hope you had a good reunion. I found Roy Kearey in Anglesey today 6th May. Many thanks for the encouraging emails.

Andrea Bottomley - 05/05/00 19:52:02
My Email:Andrea@gsanda.freeserve.co.uk
Town & Country: Bovington Dorset

Hi again, got dates wrong. Parents at the school from 52 onwards. (Eric Hall & June Blakemore)

Joan Leedham - 05/05/00 19:52:01
My Email:gerald.colligan@virgin.net
Town & Country: Eccles, Manchester, England.

A wonderful evening 3rd May. Many thanks to the organisers.

Vera Thompson - 05/04/00 19:20:27
My Email:vera.thompson@hawkshaw73.freeserve.co.uk
Town & Country: UK

I haven't looked at your Website in detail yet but am about to do so. I went with my sister to a reunion of pupils from
1941-1951 last night and we had a wonderful time. We met quite a number of our old friends and it was a wonderful experience.

Mrs Andrea Bottomley - 05/04/00 18:51:21
My Email:Andrea@gsanda.freeserve.co.uk
Town & Country: Bovington. Dorset

Just had a Quick look around as both my parents were pupils in 1959 onwards.

Alan Williamson - 05/03/00 05:35:46
My Email:awilliamson@cpshardware.com.au
Town & Country: Perth Australia

Hey if anyones going to the reunion tonight could they tell Christine wilson or judith Haldane where I am

Christine Roberts(nee Beresford) - 05/01/00 19:51:00
My Email:ianandchris@breathmail.net
Town & Country: Urmston, Manchester

Attended Winton from 1965 to 1970.Any who knows me please send an email. Enjoyed the site will visit again soon.
Married to Ian Roberts who attended Lewis St & Eccles Grammar from 1964 to 1971 (Ian was a member of Eccles Swimming Club's teams from 1965 o 1970.)

Ian Worstencroft - 04/27/00 03:34:42
Town & Country: Radcliffe, Manchester


Jim Cooke - 04/26/00 18:09:45
My Email:jimcooke@totalise.co.uk
Town & Country: Winton

I attended Winton from 1961 to 1965, after a few years living in Cumbria I now live just a few hundred yards from our old school site.
My older brother Brian also attended and is on the photograph of form 3T. It's good to see familiar names from the old days.
I still meet some old school chums round and about and am still in regular contact with Martin Nugent and also see Albert Beckett and Harry Crabtree occasionally.

Trevor Pollitt - 04/24/00 00:04:10
My Email:mandyhasm6l@supanet.com
Town & Country: Chadderton,OLdham

I when to Winton high from 78 to 83 anybody who knows me teachers or classmates please email me

keith worstencroft - 04/18/00 01:25:04
My Email:keithworstencroft@looksmart.com
Town & Country: Alstonville, Australia

Anyone who knows me please send me an email. Thanks a lot

Alan Taylor - 04/16/00 09:03:50
My Email:vehanday@ic24.net
Town & Country: Newstead Notts ex Irlam

Why can't more area's & area schools do this? I'm looking for an old pal a Wintonian, Roy Keary (Kearey)he joined the RAF 1961
and I've heard nothing since a phone call in 1962 to say he was marrying his girl (Fay). Roy had brothers & sisters in
Winton, surely someone knows one of them! My phone is 0 623 759902.

Helen Alexander - 03/29/00 19:45:01
My Email:karen@jocph.opeluk.net
Town & Country: Boothstown

The site is great, looking forward to the reunion, hope to see some old faces, attended from 68 to 72.
My family all attended, Chris, George, Marie, John, Ian, Jane and Alex.

Karen Peat - 03/26/00 12:24:58
My Email:karen@jocph.opeluk.net
Town & Country: Leigh

Great to find this page. Hope to see some old names I attended between 1967-72 approx

Karen Peat - 03/26/00 12:16:40
My Email:karen@jocph.opeluk.net
Town & Country: Leigh

Great to find this page. Hope to meet lots of old faces

alan williamson - 03/20/00 05:18:09
My Email:awilliamson@cpshardware.com.au
Town & Country: Perth Australia

Hi ive been in Australia 20 years but remember the old place well

Frances Robinson - 03/09/00 19:13:16
My Email:Frances.Robinson@btinternet.com
Town & Country: Yorkshire

I was known as Fay Blohm. Probably at Winton from about 1958 to 1962. Class mates - Pauline Tracey -
used to give Miss Owen a run, Lesley Mason - lived nearby, Kathleen Needham, Marion Sidebotham.....
Am sending a class photo in for my sins but I can't remember all the names. Brothers Peter and Terry Blohm also went to W

Lesley Jenkins (Pownall) - 03/05/00 05:49:10
My Email:petjen@bigpond.com.au
Town & Country: Sydney, Australia

I would love to be able to contact friends from Form 5 (Girls School of 1965). I will try and find photographs to send to you.

Sandra Mazur nee: Halliday - 03/04/00 01:16:54
My Email:rjalex@sprintmail.com
Town & Country: California US

Hi, Just found your site, and in just a few minutes felt at home. Lots of memorys,
I spent the early school years at Lewis St, and went to Winton 1963-1967.
And was there the year it went co edd. My dad also went to Winton in the early forty's.
Someone me tioned the school trip's. My dad was a coach driver for Rigby's the small place on the corner of
Liverpool Road and drove one of those holiday trips. He also drove the 67 bus from Brookhouse to
Manchester. In later years drove a lorry for Gardners. I've b en here since 1972 but the rest of the family is
still around Eccles. Keep up the good work, and I'll be back to browse again. Sandra

Mavis Sanderson - 02/13/00 22:37:30
My Email:Mavis.Sanderson@Tesco.net
Town & Country: Hale, Cheshire

nee Lowe. I attended Winton Senior from 1957 to 1961 when I was Head Girl. The only boy I knew at
Winton was my brother Brian Lowe who is 18 months younger than me.

Ian Furness - 01/26/00 20:25:32
My Email:Furnesstrg@aol
Town & Country: Swinton

Obviously interested in meetring old school mates

paul siddons - 01/04/00 22:41:35
My Email:paul.siddons@talk21.com
Town & Country: bolton/lancs

i attended winton in 1985-6 and both my parents in the mid 50's linda goodier and william siddons.i will try to get hold of some pics and pass them on

Helen Saleh - 11/19/99 22:30:10
My Email:jmcmahon@fdn.co.uk
Town & Country: Eccles, U.K.

I attended Winton High School, leaving in 1983 aged 16. I might be remembered as 'Saleh the Sprinter'

Mike Stone - 11/16/99 19:03:50
My Email:r.m.stone@btinternet.com
Town & Country: northwich cheshire (ex Monton)in Eccles

was at winton senior 1948-1953 forms 1n to 1h to 3h would love to get in touch with anybody of that era.
unfortunately all my old school photo's were lost when I moved to northwich.
If you have any names and possibly email addresses of my old school mates Iwould be delighted

Stuart Broadbent - 10/15/99 22:05:17
My Email:shpb@cwcom.net
Town & Country: Boothstown

Anybody remember Flacks chippy? Nellie and Fred Flack were my grandparents -
I have it on good authority that Winton Senior alumni were regular patrons.
Does anyone know where Peter Drummond is? He is my father's long lost cousin.

Judith Allen (nee cowen) - 10/13/99 09:01:09
My Email:aldow@xenon.net
Town & Country: Queensland Australia

I was a winton 56-60 and married Stan Allen also from the old dump.Hated every minute (of both),
Good to know the guys are still "rockin" love the site still in contact with some old pals from Eccles Grammer.
Will surf in to view "new stuff" keep up the g od work.

susan.sherlock - 09/16/99 18:10:39
My Email:susan.sherlock@lineone.net
Town & Country: Swinton Manchester

Well done!

Cecily Lloyd - 09/10/99 21:07:15
Town & Country: Boothstown

I think your website is fantastic.

malcolm smith - 08/23/99 20:42:22
My Email:malc9pr@tiny.co.uk
Town & Country: monton england

Great site ! Good to see many familiar names. Has anybody out there got any photo's of two G & S opera's -
Iolanthe & The Pirates of Penzance ? I was in the chorus in both of these in girls clothing , fortunately
I have managed to kick the habit and have suffered no side effects - ask Albert Beckett - a good friend of mine !
Keep up the good work. malc.smith - Winton Senior 1956 to 1961.

Lynne Platt nee Heywood - 08/01/99 08:39:49
My Email:john.lynne@xtra.co.nz
Town & Country: Christchurch NZ

Wow, this is unbelievable. I was at Winton from 1961 to 1965 forms F1, S1, T1 & T41.
I was the one that used to take snuff into class and have sneezing fits etc.
Does anybody know of Brenda McDiarmid, Shirley Riley, Gwynneth Owen, Linda Whittaker & Pauline Benyon.
Will keep in touch with this page. Represented Winton at Netball, Swimming & Athletics -
those were the days. Some- body please get back to me @ my e-mail address. Cheers Lynne

Darren Hardie - 07/06/99 21:20:57
My Email:DHardie136@aol.com
Town & Country: swinton

organising a reunion for the class of 79. Sept 10 1999 at Brown Cow if interested give me a call

Roger Geisler - 07/03/99 02:48:41
My Email:roger@ps.com
Town & Country: Leicester, UK

What can I say...... I was directed here by a CompuServe UK Forums member -
and I'm glad I was! How excellent to see some past memories spring to life. Keep up the good work!

Elaine McCann - 06/23/99 19:02:58
My Email:elaine-dave@cwcom.net
Town & Country: Eccles

Excellent site ! I was at Ecles Grammar but knew lots of people at Winton in the late 50's early sixties.
What memories the programmes of the Boys' School Gilbert & Sullivan productions brought back -
saw most of them and,believe it or not, they led to a life long passion for G & S Elaine

Bob Posford - 05/09/99 20:14:16
My Email:bobposford@eaton.com
Town & Country: Manchester

I was a pupil here from 1951 to 1955.

Steven Kelly - 05/09/99 15:16:11
My Email:steven_kelly@talk21.com
Town & Country: Manchester, England

I am the nephew of Albert Beckett, (a visitor to this web site).
Watch this space for more Winton Senior Memorabilia.

Billy Hone - 04/19/99 10:05:28


Dawn - 12/27/98 07:22:26
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/~d_penguin/
My Email:d_penguin@usa.net
Town: Alabama, USA
Hi :) I'm from the Heartland Critique & Review Committee..
your review will be on its way shortly! (within the next two days)

Mike Vost - 12/15/98 19:47:32
My Email:mvost@bigfoot.com
Town: Wigan, England
The site is looking good. I'd reply to your emails but I keep having them sent back!

harold - 12/12/98 09:48:32
My Email:hdwt@woodsend6.freeserve.com.uk
Town: manchester
saw it on glen's pc this year fantastic job "chap" talk to you soon harold T

Brian Bush - 12/11/98 03:13:08
Happy Christmas to you and Fran! From Brian and Kel Bush.

Garry McGuire - 12/06/98 17:39:11
My Email:garry@mcguire98.freeserve.co.uk
Town: Staffordshire,UK
Hi Ernie, Frances do you remember me,
Eddie and Jean McGuire son, got your page address off them and your E-mail address
but not sure if it's correct mums still as dizzy as ever,
dads fine still likes the beer, will try and e-mail with more news. Nice site by the way.

Andrea/B> - 11/28/98 04:01:07
My Email:Express832@hotmail.com
Town: Ballston Lake
very cool, it's really funny to see u old people (j/j ya) as you were no serioly it's really intersting keep it up luv ya Ang

mark crabtree - 11/21/98 11:45:26
My Email:red@crabco.freeserve.co.uk
Town: winton/eccles
brill. made my dads day,harry{crabie}crabtree. finding some photos.

Brian Everall - 11/13/98 22:23:24
My Email:bugnet@eve21.demon.co.uk
Town: Winton
I followed a couple of years or so after Albert Beckett(my cousin Mal Smith)I am still in touch with
Sutton Grimshaw who is now 78 and exactly the same as he was all those years ago.
The old school is now a housing estate as is the Green Lane annex.
I will ry and send some photos soon, please be patient I'm new to this internet business !

Albert Beckett - 11/09/98 13:47:29
My URL:http://www.a.g.beckett@dl.ac.uk
My Email:a.g.beckett@dl.ac.uk
Nice quote from Charlie Adams, Ernie.
Did you ever hear, "Keep to the waste side of the line, laddie"
Reg Wilkinson (woodwork)

10/04/98 21:04:16
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

Lynn Benson - 07/20/98 22:38:32
My Email:LBENSON925@AOL.com
Town: Eccles Lancs
reread your page I went to the girls side 1958 I know Albert Beckett and Martin and went to school with
Geoff McCormick[Beech St] My husband used to play at Winton garden parties with his band the Images.

MARTIN NUGENTB> - 06/01/98 21:56:39
HeHello Ernie I went to Winton from 1960-1965 you may know some of my family they are about your age .
You mentioned the Vosts Ilived next doo to Lillian & Terry Vost until the early sixties
I also met Mr Rimmer last summer he hasnt changed at all

Mike Brocklehurst - 05/21/98 10:27:23
My Email:mbrocklehurst@compuserve.com
Town: Eccles, Manchester, England
I was taken aback to see a picture of the Class 2N photograph.
I was at Winton from 1955-1959 and was in class 1H,2H,3H and 4H.Some of those people in the photo
 I am sure were in the same year as me. I get my haircut by a barber who went to
Winton in the 0's who remembers those good old days. I sometimes see Grimshaw about Eccles doing his shopping.
Do you remember the school trips to Staithes and Newlands? Those HAPPY days with
Ward and Butterworth climbing in the Lake District. Hope to keep in contact. Cheers for now.

Geoff McCormick - 05/20/98 16:35:32
My Email:McCormicks@bc.sympatico.ca
Town: Vancouver Canada
My brother Ian and my sister Sheila started at Winton Senior 1955 and 1956 from Beech street.
Never thought Id find a winton page on the net. Ialthough I went to Eccles grammar
I knew a lot of people from your school as I grew up in Patricroft. Regards Geoff McCormick.

Albert Beckett - 05/17/98 06:39:07
My URL:http://www.dl.ac.uk/SRS/OTHER/OW/
My Email:a.g.beckett@dl.ac.uk
Town: Warrington, Cheshire
Born Mitchell Street Monton, attended Winton 1956 - 60. 7 years at Mitchell Shackleton.
30 years with present research laboratory at Daresbury Warrington. 53rd birthday
2 weeks ago and 5 of my Winton classmates attended party! I have it on good authority that
W S Grimshaw is still around, beware.

Brian BushB> - 04/28/98 01:41:03
My Email:bbush2@nycap.rr.com
Town: Albany NY USA

harold tudge - 04/24/98 02:34:16
Town: manchester
just to let you know that i did not go to winton school.do you remember transitune?
nope to see you before too long love to fran regards ht

Emmett Koontz - 03/01/98 03:59:44
My Email:ekoontz@msn.com
Town: seattle, WA/usa
Glad to see you are up and on your way! Good luck and I will be checking back!

Graham - 02/15/98 05:06:26
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/7104
My Email:grahamac@net1fx.com
Town: Canada
LoLooks like you will have a great page here when it is finished.
I have it book marked to come back later...

Sam Van WhyB> - - 02/14/98 15:15:50
My Email:bagvan@msn.com
Town: Castle Rock, CO--U.S.
Enjoyed visiting your URL--will plan to come back when I have more time. Thanks, Sam Van Why ICQ4009464

Frank Naude' - 01/12/98 14:14:22
My URL:http://home.intekom.com/frank/
My Email:frankn@intekom.co.za
Town: South Africa
Hi there Ernie I am sitting here with your sister Eileen who popped past my house.
We have bee looking at some of the family photos and some of the smashing work
 you have done with the digital touch-ups. Over to Eileen. I just came to establish
contact with you. Steven has already sent Email from Vrede to you. Hope you got it.
Send love to all at home. God Bless

Ben Wess - 01/05/98 00:31:59
My Email:bcwess@mindspring.com
Town: Austell, Ga-USA

Michael Force - 12/25/97 02:21:15
My Email:force_lepler@msn.com
Town: Albany/USA
It's looking great..keep up all the hard work your doing!!

Mike Maltby - 12/13/97 05:20:55
My Email:mikemaltby@msn.com
Town: London, UK
The girls are after me to get web space. It's possible that I will change
ISP (but retain MSN on a content only basis) for one of the UK ISPS offering
10Mb free plus five mail boxes. See you soon. Mike

Michael Force - 10/28/97 01:58:16
My Email:force_lepler@msn.com
Hi ernie...........it looks and sounds great....you're really getting the hang of these tools!!! nice work!!

Toni BrownB> - 10/13/97 12:38:11
My Email:tbrown@msn.com
Town/Country: Austin,TX
Hey, your page is looking pretty good too. I added a map to mine that shows where I live in Austin.

Ernie Mills - 10/04/97 00:25:42
My Email:wintonian@geocities.com
Town/Country: Ballston Lake, NY
Whatever happened to.... David Vost, Billy Evans, Dave Pilling, Barry York, Terry Finney,
David Yersley etc. etc. Mmm! Remember... Kitty Roberts, Charlie Adams, Killer Cooke and Grimshaw?

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