Form S3, 1958
photo courtesy of Anita Parncutt (nee McFarlane)
identification thanks to A. Parncutt

FORM S3, 1958
Key to photograph.
Please help identify the unknowns
Back Row:
J. Barton, Y. Kubler, unknown, D. Rawlinson, P. West, J. Roberts, J. Urmston,
G. Hart, unknown
3rd Row:
K. Wilson, S. Whittaker, S. Alderson, J. Pommer, B. Birkett, B. Buckley, L. Buckley,
unknown, P. Shaw
2nd Row
D. Crawford, unknown, R. Williams, D. Edwards, L. Reid, A. McFarlane, V. Reeves
Front Row:
B. Greaves, C. Thompson, D. Wilson, B. Crowe

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